Question of the Day – No. 459 — Pointless Overthinking

What is the biggest mistake people do when it comes to raising or educating their children?

Question of the Day – No. 459 — Pointless Overthinking

My answer to this question would be: setting standards.

You have to raise your children at the pace that works for them, not just you. At times it may be frustrating but it’s healthier for your children to learn trial by error and at the pace that they need to.

Even though there are certain milestones that are set for people to reach from being a new born to an adult, we are all of different backgrounds, different interests and different opinions.

All I know is that I want my children to be prepared for the real world and for them to decide what they want and need and to support them and provide them the knowledge that they can use. With growing technology and resources, it’s a new millennium and our children will be teaching us just as much as we are teaching them.


What to do

What to do during an active shooter situation.

I’m not sure why people are committing these mass shootings and hope that this madness calms down and not continue to happen. My prayers go out to all the families out there who are grieving.

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Baby fever

Literally, Baby Akira had a fever after going in for more shots for her 2 months check up. Poor baby, she just wanted to cuddle with mommy.

Milk bath photoshoot

 “Carrying a baby is the most rewarding experience a woman can enjoy.” – Jayne Mansfield

Babies start to bring happiness to their parents way before they’re born. It happens the moment an expectant mother finds out she’s pregnant.

Whatever thoughts about the pregnancy she has will all personally change the moment the ultrasound technician shows her the image of her unborn child inside her. Then it all culminates on the day an excited mother gives birth.

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